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The Sleep School

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The Sleep School App is the revolutionary new app for overcoming Insomnia.Based on a revolutionary 100% non-drug based approach - it was developed by The Sleep School founder, Dr. Guy Meadows, who has studied sleep for over 12 years and helped well over 1000 client overcome their insomnia.
It delivers The Sleep School’s highly effective proprietary tools and techniques to help you sleep well, every night.
It has been created to help insomniacs . . .
- Learn how to retrain their brains how to sleep well again, naturally.
- Create a new robust sleeping pattern
- Understand all they need to know about how their insomnia started, what keeps it fuelled and how to stop it.
The Sleep School App contains the following functionality:
Insomnia Survey - An Introduction survey to help you understand the severity of your insomnia and where to focus your attention within the app.
Daily Sleep Tracker Calendar - To help you track the quality of your sleep and improvements each day
5 x Case-Study Animations - based on a real-life past clients that The Sleep School has helped overcome insomnia with - these highlight the most prevalent issues affecting insomniacs and then how you can overcome them.
5 x Audio Tracks - Mindfulness and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy audio recordings guided by Dr. Guy Meadows.
An interactive quiz - to teach you everything they need to know about insomnia & sleep.